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Blockchain Research& Development

Block Sentinel is an innovative technology company with a focus on developing open source software solutions for distributed ledgers and smart contract platforms.

Our Expertise

When it comes to blockchain, Block Sentinel has extensive experience integrating with, and aggregating data from, various decentralized platforms. Block Sentinel develops solutions from smart contracts, to custom dApps, to NFT platforms, including infrastructure, and more.


Block Sentinel has been working with smart contract blockchain platforms since 2017, making it a vital resource to the blockchain industry.

Open source

Block Sentinel has a history of managing high quality open source projects, providing transparent code and guidance for businesses and developers.


After working with dozens of blockchain projects across all niches and verticals, Block Sentinel has the knowledge to help your next project be a success.

Tools and SDKs for the most interesting blockchains

Block Sentinel maintains open source tools and SDKs that alleviate integration woes, and when necessary, our experts are available for consulting and custom software development.


Need a consult?Block Sentinel is ready.

Block Sentinel is at the forefront of R&D for solutions to simplify and scale integrations in a decentralized environment.

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